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While orchid is in bloom, only minimal care is required with just a little water, medium to bright indirect light and room temperatures of 65-75°F.

Watering your orchid can be easy as you follow these steps.

- Take it out of ceramic pot if there is no hole on the bottom and then,

place it in a plastic grower's pot.

- Place your orchid in the sink under a slow running tab and water it evenly for

10-15 seconds on each side of plant.

- Dip dry before returning to a decorative pot.

- Most orchids (not all) like being dried out between waterings and thus, do not

let the orchid's potting mediums to be constantly wet. However, you should

never let the plant bone dry.

Recommended watering schedule by variety

- Phalaenopsis, Nobile Dendrobiums, and Miltonias : every 10-15 days

- Intergenerics and Oncidiums :every 7-12 days

- Mini Phalaenopsis : every 7-10 days

- Paphiopedilums and Zygopetalums : every 7-10 days (keep moist / no dry-out

between watering)

- Cymbidiums : every 4-7 days (keep moist / no dry-out between watering)

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